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Exmouth employment land under threat again!

In March 2019 your Exmouth Community Association (ECA) representative attended a planning appeal against the refusal by EDDC to allow a change of use from employment land to class C2 for 59 units in an extra care scheme on land next to Tesco and Redgate in the Salterton Road.

It was expected that 3 minutes or so would be allocated by the Inspector for a statement as to why the appeal should be dismissed, much of which argument revolved around the then soon to be adopted Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan (ENP) which vision encompassed an employment led regeneration of the town. Hand in glove with employment for our children and grandchildren the ENP looked to provide affordable housing for them and at the same time reduce the age demography of Exmouth which is heavily weighted towards the elderly and is not the best scenario for well-being and the economy.

The short statement turned into an invitation from the Inspector to fully involve in the process giving the community's viewpoint. The hearing lasted for 5 or 6 hours but this time was far from wasted and the day was won. The appeal was disallowed. Ten months later and an almost identical application has been made once more with but a small sop offering a small 10% of the site devoted to a very small office site. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

We shall seemingly have to go through the whole process once more but we shall not be deterred and will vigorously oppose this new application (19/2710/MFUL) and any appeals that might result. The Association is not in it for the short run.

This time one additional argument in our favour is that the ENP is now made and carries equal weight reinforcing the EDDC Local Plan in law. The people of Exmouth overwhelmingly supported the ENP and we shall do everything we can to ensure that it's policies and community actions are carried out including the refusal of this present application. We know that the Exmouth Civic Society is taking exactly the same approach, and believe that it is likely that Transition Exmouth will do the same.

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