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Exmouth says Yes to the Neighbourhood Plan!

On 21 March 15.5% of the Exmouth population turned out to vote on the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan and 88% voted yes! East Devon District Council (EDDC) will adopt the Plan this week at the April meeting and it will be made on 12 April. This is a great result for the town as now we have a blueprint to guide how Exmouth develops over the next few years, which is in line with what the community wants. We can hold the council to account if any of their proposed developments don’t follow the Plan, we can use the Plan to generate funding and we can use it to plan projects. So great news for the town!

Image by Brian Frost

Some exciting proposed projects (subject to funding) are:

  • extension and enhancement of Valley Parks

  • improvement of cycle and footway networks

  • new library and museum complex

  • improved sports and leisure facilities to increase health and well-being

  • arts and craft facilities, interpretation centre and community hall

  • improvements to bus, train and taxi integration.

The Plan is not set in stone and will be subject to review. Residents will be given the opportunity to put forward their ideas. We will keep you posted regarding any upcoming projects arising from the Plan.

At our AGM in May, we will provide an update on Wildlife projects in Exmouth and how they fit into the environment aims in the Plan and Councillor Skinner will be presenting a talk on the Queen’s Drive Developments. Further details about this coming soon!

For further information about the Neighbourhood Plan visit: www.exmouthneighbourhoodplan.uk Facebook: exmouthneighbourhoodplan

Hard copies are available from Exmouth Town Council in the Exmouth Town Hall

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