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Update from our Chairman

Times are interesting, particularly with the changes in representation in both the Town Council and at East Devon. We are continuing to monitor developments across the whole town. At the moment we await the opportunity to comment on the Hemingway Design study for Phase 3 of the Queens Drive Development. Aiden Johnson of Grenadier Estates tells me that work starts on the Watersports Centre on the 22 July; I have been picking up lots of positive comments now that the road has been diverted. We had an interesting talk by Mr Johnson about the Watersports Centre at our AGM, and he has promised to return on 17 March next year to give us an update as work nears completion.

Geoff Skinner, Chairman

Given the significant effort put in by our committee members into the drafting of the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan, we are taking a keen interest in the implementation arrangements, both in the margins and through the Community Organisations Liaison Panel, which we value greatly as a forum to discuss issues with the Town Council. You will have seen in the press that Wild Exmouth is taking off and we are pleased to say that we are strong supporters of this project, especially in view of it being consistent with the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a piece in last weekend's Sunday Times listing Exmouth as one of the best seaside places to live (which we all know, of course). Such recognition has been a long time coming; we have been conspicuous by our absence in that journal for many years! Let’s hope this publicity will encourage some good employers to the town.

We have taken an interest in the Tidal Defence work which is now underway. We support the work, of course, and are generally pleased with the level of consultation which has taken place. It is a challenging project to build defences with the minimal impact on the environment.

We were delighted, having spoken at the hearing, that the McCarthy and Stone appeal against the planning decision to refuse their application to build yet more retirement accommodation on Salterton Road was rejected. The land is designated for employment purposes in the Local Plan and we desperately need more employment in the town for our young people.

We continue to lobby for a better transport interchange, as set out in the Local Plan, and Neighbourhood Plan. Although welcoming Marks and Spencer, positioning it the way it is has taken us a step backwards in achieving a good interchange.

Finally, we are keeping a weather eye open on the development of the Greater Exeter Strategy Plan (GESP), which is a joint project between Exeter City Council, East Devon, Teignbridge and Mid Devon District Councils and Devon County Council. We particularly await the proposals for new housing in this huge area.

Geoff Skinner

Chairman and Acting Treasurer

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