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Welcome from the ECA Chairman

This website is a new and overdue venture for the Exmouth Community Association (ECA). The aim of this site is to improve communications with our members and to encourage dialogue with the wider Exmouth community.

We are grateful to our Vice Chairman Hannah for making this happen, especially given the amount of time which, as a busy mother, she has needed to be put into it. She has also created a Facebook page, and Instagram and Pinterest sites, which you can access using the icon links at the top of each page.

The ECA has a long history of campaigning for the controlled development of the town with various successes, which you can read about on our 'About' page. This is a consequence of the strong team which continues to make up the Management Committee. It is no coincidence that

we have provided three members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, including the Chairman. Once adopted, hopefully in Spring 2019, we will be monitoring closely its

implementation. Other current topics of interest include the Queens Drive development,

including the Hemingway study, an Integrated Transport Interchange (ITI), update of the

Exmouth Masterplan and the Tidal Defence Scheme.

I hope you will find our site interesting and if you are interested in becoming a member please visit the 'Join' page for further information.

Geoff Skinner


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